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Welcome to SilverCrest Events, where passion and technology meet to redefine the way events are planned & executed. We are not just another event agency or a technology vendor, we are here to revolutionize the concept of event curation and execution with a touch of technology.


Traditional events lack the dynamic and immersive elements that modern audiences desire. We can transform your attendees into active participants irrespective of their location and the time zone. Be it physical, virtual, hybrid, or customized events; our creative tech blended approach will make it extraordinary.

Experiential Solutions

Our wide range of experiential solutions includes product showcases &  reveals, technical registration systems, digital photo booths, AR, VR, and pre-event activities—all seamlessly linked together via customized landing sites, defining events that engage and inspire.

Corporate Gifting

We excel in personalizing gifting experiences that leave a lasting impression. We ensure that your presents reflect your brand’s values and resonate with your consumers, from personalized gift selection through seamless delivery and unique branding. With our exceptional service, you can make every gift a meaningful and unforgettable gesture.

Group Transport

Our services are widespread in various other parts of India. From a broader prospect, our services involve Car Transportation, Bus Transportation even international services.

About Us

At SilverCrest Events, we don’t just have a bunch of team members; we have passionate people who live and breathe events. It is more than just a day job for them. With over 40+ years of combined professional experience, our team is driven by the pursuit of excellence which helps them to think beyond boundaries. For our team, there is no box and sky is the limit when it comes to creativity which makes every event a work of art.

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We don’t believe in the battle of humans versus technology, we thoroughly believe that if we club the capabilities of humans and technology- we will be unstoppable. This is what we do at Silver Crest Events! Our experts create an engaging, interactive, and immersive experience.

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Connect with us and see how our experienced team works according to the brief and delivers on time!

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Discover the enchantment of collaboration. Whether you’re planning an event, seeking experiential solutions, or curating corporate gifts, we’re your creative, fabrication and technology partner. Let’s embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds, and we’ll craft extraordinary moments that you’ll never forget. Join us in the realm of innovation, where every project is an opportunity to create pure magic.

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Come with us into the future of event planning, where we are redefining the heart of events. We are pioneers of experiential innovation, not just creators of engaging experiences.